Mag Sealed


To prevent the penetration of water, dust particles or salt crystals between rotor and reel body as far as possible, we have developed a nearly frictionless barrier based on magnetic oil, which hardly can be overcome by neither water nor smallest particles. The result is a silky-smooth running.

In most cases, salt crystals and other solid particles are in charge for unpleasant winding noises as well as the loss of smooth running. Of course also „accidents“ can lead to a similar result. Despite these special cases, the cases with unpleasant winding noises are significantly decreased at reels with MAG SEALED, as depicted in the right figure.


between line and roller. If delicate salt or dirt particles penetrate the line roller, it is continuously dragged and the friction is considerably increased. Our Exist was the first reel featuring the Mag Sealed line roller. The magnetic Mag Seal oil forms a barrier, which prevents the intrusion of water and therefore also of salt and dirt particles into the line roller almost entirely, which could affect the free rotation.